SAORI Piccolo40

SAORI Piccolo40

SAORI Piccolo40 Loom

Weave, wherever you are!

SAORI piccolo40 is a revolutionary hand weaving loom with both comfort and portability for weavers of all ages. Its lightweight metal tubing body has two height settings, and it easily folds for transport. Take this loom with you wherever you go, and enjoy weaving whenever you like!


  • Lightweight but strong body with beautifully chrome-plated metal tubing frame
  • Folds easily for transport and storage
  • The position of the breast beam is height adjustable: 60cm and 68cm (about 23.6″ and 26.8″)
  • Built-in bobbin winder and shelf (Optional)
  • The warp control lever lets you advance the warp while remaining seated.
  • Wire heddles have larger holes to make threading easier.
  • A ready-made warps is set up on the loom so that you can start weaving after 15 minutes assembly.

Loom dimensions:

  • Width: 55cm (21.6″)
  • Depth: 56cm (22″) / 74cm (29″) when raised / 15cm (5.9″) when folded
  • Height: 81.5cm (32″) / 91.5cm (36″) when raised
  • Weight: 6.95kg (15.32lb)
  • Weaving Width: 40cm (15.8″)




SAORI Piccolo40 harnesses

SAORI Piccolo40 harnesses

Included Accessories:
bobbin winder; shelf; clamp; 1 reed (5 dents/cm = 12 dents/inch); 2 harnesses (incl. 200 wire heddles); 1 warp control lever (built-in); 1 clipping tying rod with cords; 1 tying rod with cords; reed hook; heddle hook; bobbins (15 pcs); boat shuttle (M); 100 ready-made warp threads (100 threads x

Optional items: extra reeds (3/4/7 dents/cm 8/10/18 dents/inch)


Folds easily for transport

The position of the breast beam is 68cm away from the floor when the loom is raised.  This is only 1cm lower than the SAORI SX60 loom. This height is comfortable enough for adult weavers as well.

Adjustable heights for adults and children