Yarn Shelf

 SAORI Yarn Shelf

Yarn Shelf

SAORI’s yarn shelf is designed by Kenzo Jo especially for displaying SAORI cone yarns beautifully and usefully. We have 2 kinds of shelves for different needs.  The shelf has leg attachments and it can stand by itself. The shelf can be placed in front of the wall, or in the middle of the room as a kind of screen.

Approximate sizes of pegs on the Yarn Shelf 132 and 252

  • Width of each peg: 1.5cm (0.6in)
  • Length of each peg: 12cm (4.7in)
  • Distance between two pegs: 7cm (2.8in)

Yarn shelfYarn Shelf 252

Height: 183cm
Width: 98cm
Depth: 40cm
Weight: 16.8kg
Approximate time for assembly: 2 hours
Number of cones that can be displayed: 252*With carefully designed leg attachments, this shelf basically stands on its own, but we strongly recommend you have the shelf lean against the wall at the top, because with 252 cones displayed, the total weight would be as much as 70kg.
At Saorinomori, we place 3 units of Shelf 252 by a wall, and 1 prototype unit on the other wall making yarn shelf corner at the studio. Without being connected or joined, the shelf can make a beautiful unity, and it looks as if they are one big yarn shelf.  In total, we have more than 1,000 cones of yarns displayed at the corner.

Yarn Shelf 132
 SAORI Yarn shelf 132
Height: 140cm (100cm with lower leg attachments)
Width: 98.5cm
Depth: 60cm (40cm with lower leg attachments)
Weight: 10.2kg
Approximate time for assembly: 1 hour
Number of cones that can be displayed: 132
SAORI Yarn shelf 132

The shelf 132 comes with two kinds of leg attachments. One of them is a longer attachment to make the shelf 40cm above the floor, which makes the shelf accessible for the people on a wheelchair. Another leg attachment is the low type, which is the same as the ones of the shelf 252. With lower legs attached, the shelf 132 can be placed on a counter or other furniture you have.


At our studio branch in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, the yarn shelf is placed on a counter. The shelf on the photo below is a special-sized shelf adjusted for the space of this particular studio. Though the size is different from the Shelf 132, the photo shows an image of the shelf placed on a counter.


In June 2011, we installed the shelf 132 to a studio, which re-opened after being severely damaged by the earthquake and Tsunami on March 11. At this studio, the shelf 132’s are placed in the middle of the room, and they beautifully separate the studio space and gallery space within one big room.
DSC01343 DSC01380


Yarn shelves beneath a window

At Saorinomori, we place 4 x Yarn Shelf 132 beneath the windows at a wall.