Winding Accessories

SAORI Art Yarn Maker – NEW

With the SAORI Art Yarn Maker, you can not only express yourself freely and easily in your weaving but also in your own one-of-a-kind art yarns. Together with a friend or by yourself, create SAORI Art Yarns that only you can make to supplement your SAORI Weaving. All you need is this compact and versatile accessory tool, the bobbin winder on your SAORI loom and a table, shelf or other surface of similar height to your loom.

SAORI Art Yarn Maker

Optional Bobbin Winder

You can set the winder onto a desk or onto any loom you have. (SAORI Looms come with an attached bobbin winder.)

SAORI Bobbin Winder

Bobbin Winder Guide

You can wind a bobbin only with one hand merely by rotating the winder disk.This was designed to be used with a SAORI cone yarn. You use this with special sized bobbins.

SAORI Bobbin Winder Guide

Watch the video below to learn how this works!

Cone Winding Tool

You can wind yarn on a cone by attaching this tool onto the built-in or optional bobbin winder.  This tool is designed for the cones of the SAORI yarns.

SAORI Cone Winding Tool conewinder1

Replacement Winder Belt



Cone Stand

For 5, 3, and 2 cones.
Insert a empty cone into each hole to hold the cones of yarns.

SAORI Cone Stands