Weaving Accessories

Fabric Cutter (Sakiori Cutter)

With this cutter you can cut many strips of fabric very easily and quickly. The cutter comes with a 5mm blade cartridge.  There are optional cartridges with 4 different cutting widths. Use the Sakiori Shuttle to weave with the strips.

cartridges_sizes Optional blade cartridges with different cutting widths (from left to right: 4mm, 5mm,  8mm and 15mm)

See the video below to learn how to use the SAORI’s Fabric Cutter (Sakiori Cutter).


shuttles_newBoat Shuttles

<from left to right>

S size, M size, Med-light weight, XL size

Use these shuttles with appropriately-sized bobbins.

<Length x Width x Depth>
S size =24cm x 3.5cm x 2cm
M size & Med-light = 34cm x 4cm x 3cm
XL size = 41.5cm x 5cm x 3.6cm

The weight of the Medium light weight shuttle is about 95g, which is about 70% of the weight of the regular M size shuttle.

The weight of the XL size shuttle is about 140g, which is almost the same as the weight of the regular M size shuttle, while you can put about 2.5 times more weft threads into the XL size shuttle,  using the appropriately-sized bobbins.


SAORI boat shuttleBoat Shuttle (No spindle)

This boat shuttle does not have a spindle in the slot.
You can just insert the medium sized bobbins into the slot.We recommend this shuttle especially to children for their safety. It is also easy to handle.

Length 29.5cm x Width 4.2cm x Depth 3cm
Approximate Weight: 100g


bobbins3Bobbins for Boat Shuttles


  • Long bobbins with flanges (metal end rims) for XL size shuttle – 5 pcs/pack
  • Long bobbins for XL size shuttle – 10 pcs/pack
  • Medium bobbins with flanges for M size & Med-light weight shuttle – 6 pcs/pack
  • Short bobbins for S size shuttle – 20 pcs/packbobbin_fl2
  • Medium bobbins for M size & Med-light weight Shuttle – 15 pcs/pack


PA091217Sakiori Shuttle

This shuttle is especially designed for Sakiori weaving. You can easily place 2 kinds of Sakiori strips onto this shuttle. You can adjust the position of the two pins inside the shuttle in accordance with the weaving width. By making the distance between the two pins equal to the weaving width, you can have the Sakiori strip come out from the shuttle as you need it, so you can weave very easily and smoothly. This shuttle is available with two different sizes. Use the SAORI Fabric Cutter to cut Sakiori strips to weave with this shuttle.

SAORI Sakiori Shuttle<Sizes>
[Regular size] Length: about 43cm
Length between two pins: 13.5cm ~ 40cm
Weight: about 172g

[Large size] Length: about 55cm
Length between two pins: 24cm ~52cm
Weight: about 235g



Take a look at the video of the Sakiori Shuttle in action!



Size: XL(65cm), L(50cm), M(37.5cm), S(7.5cm)