Loom Accessibility

  SAORI CH60-A2 Wheelchair accessible loom  
You can customize your SAORI loom to be truly accessible to people with different needs.

 Beater Handle

This extends the beater for those you have difficulty reaching the beater while weaving.

Only available with CH60/SX60/SX60H/WX60.

Shuttle Shelf shuttle shelf
Shuttle Shelf

Lets you weave with only one finger or even with a foot.

Only available with CH60/SX60/SX60H/WX60.

Hand Switcher and Weight for Hand Switcher

A weaver can switch the harness using only hands. Optional weights are available (purchased separately) to attach to the back harness, allowing the easy switching of sheds while weaving with only hands.

handswitcher weight


pedal_beam_wheel3Flat Pedal Beam for Wheelchair
(available on SAORI CH60A-2 model)

This lets a weaver in a wheelchair roll in close to the loom.  The brace has 5 height settings, allowing you to raise the loom up to 12.5cm (4.9″) from the floor.  This is helpful for tall weaver as well !


Shuttle with Pegs

A weaver can easily move this shuttle by pushing the two pegs with a finger or a stick held in the month.  It is very easy to handle, with a wide slot to insert a medium-sized bobbin into and a large hole to fee the thread through.  Use this shuttle with the shuttle shelf.  Specially designed shuttle stoppers for the shuttle shelf will come with this shuttle.
tsunoshuttle1 Shuttle Shelf

Winding Lever

This assists a weaver who has difficulty rotating the cloth roller while weaving.

Not available for the Piccolo.


bobbin_fl2Bobbins with Flanges

The flange prevents the yarn from coming off at the edge of the bobbin. (Not usable with S size shuttle.)