Accessories for Warping and Threading

Warping Frame with Legs and optional Stand Attachment

  • Max. warp length: 13.5m = 14.7 yards

    New Warping Frame with legs

  • Our new warping frame comes with two legs. The legs have 2 different height settings, allowing you to select a comfortable warping position.
  • With this new portable warping frame, you can start warping anywhere by setting the frame against a wall.
  • On the backside of the frame or on the bottom of the legs, it has rubber attachments to keep the warping frame from sliding down the wall.
  • The rubber caps on the center sticks and the angled side sticks keep the warp threads from falling off.
  • 5 cone stands are built in.
  • The hooks are placed in the center position so that both left & right handed people can control the threads easily.
  • The legs can be replaced by an optional stand, which lets the warping frame stand alone without a wall. Plus, the stand has metal brace on the bottom, so that a wheelchair can roll in close to the frame
  • The stand has 5 different height settings, allowing you to choose a comfortable position.

Warping frame with Stand attachment

Warping Frame

Max. warp length: 13.5m = 14.7 yds.


Warping Frame

As this frame does not come with legs or stand, you need to hang it onto the wall.








Cross Holder

The Cross Holder holds the cross of the warp in place while you thread the reedYou can set this holder on to the reed race of the SAORI CH60 / SX60 or WX60 loom.


Cross Holder


Threading Holder

This kit holds the reed and harnesses on a table.


Threading holder kit

You can thread the reed and harnesses in a comfortable position. This holder can hold the 60 series harness and reed. The Piccolo40 harness is not usable on this holder, as the shape of the frame is different from the 60 series. The Piccolo40 reed can be used on this holder.


Threading Holder


Threading Holder

New Heddle Hook
Longer and with a new style of hook

Heddle Hook and Reed Hook

Heddle and Reed Hook

Automatic Denting Hook
This hook moves to the next dent automatically while threading the reed.

Automatic Denting Hook