Accessories for SAORI CH60/WX60/SX60 Looms

Optional Accessories for SAORI CH60/WX60/SX60 Loom

Extra Reeds

Extra Reeds

2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8.5, 10 dents/cm
5, 7, 10, 12, 17, 21, 25 dents/inch





Comb Reed

Comb Reed

2 or 3 dents/cm
5 or 7 dents/inch





Extra harnesses

Extra Harnesses

includes 210 wire heddles





Extra tying rod

Extra Tying Rod

You tie the end of the warp threads  on to the rod.

*One Tying Rod with cords come with a SAORI CH60 / SX60 loom.





Clipping tie rod

Clipping Tying Rod

The new type of rod invented by Kenzo Jo.

It clips the end of the warp threads, and you do not have to tie them. This rod enables you to make an easy and speedy set-up of the warps.

The size of the rod included in the loom is 55cm / 21.7”.

The longer sized rod (59cm / 23.3”) can be purchased separately.



Take a look at the video to see how the clipping tie rod works!


Paper Pipe

Paper Pipe

If you tie the warps onto the tying rod attached to a paper pipe, and set the paper pipe onto the warp roller of the loom, you can remove your work from the loom easily while still in progress.




Inside Set

Inside Set

Inside Set

By purchasing an extra “Inside Set”, you can remove your work from the loom while still in progress and put another work in its place.

“Inside Sets” are available for all the SAORI looms.

One extra “Inside Set” contains:
– 2 harnesses (4 for a 4-harness loom)
– 1 reed (please name the dent/cm when ordering)
– 1 warp extension tube kit
– 1 tying rod or clipping rod (please name the type of the rod when ordering)

Warp Extension Kit


Warp Extension Kit










Counter Balance 4-harness attachment

Counter Balance 4 Harness Attachment

Includes 2 additional harnesses, 1 top roller, 2 heddle rollers, 2 additional pedals and parts to customize your SAORI CH60/WX60/SX60 into 4 harnesses loom. 

*You need to take off the shelf to set this attachment.



Four harness attachment

Spring System 4-Harness attachment

Spring System 4 Harness Attachment

Includes Spring Unit, 2 additional harnesses, 6 pedals, 4 lamms, 6 tie-up cords and other necessary parts to customize your SAORI CH60/WX60/SX60 into Spring System 4 harnesses loom. 

*You can keep the shelf as it is on the loom.





leg attachment

Leg attachment for CH60

Leg Attachment for SAORI CH60 (NOT Compatible with SAORI WX60 or SX60)

By attaching 4 wooden attachment parts at the bottom of a SAORI CH60 loom, you can raise the loom by 5cm.  This attachment is suitable for those who would like to raise the loom a little bit, but do not need multiple height settings.


If you need multiple height settings, Flat Pedal Beam for Wheel Chair would be the good solution.  See the Accessories for Loom Accessibility.



harness cord stopper

Harness Cord Stoppers

Harness Cord Stoppers

These stoppers keep the harness cords in the right position, by preventing the cords from rewinding around the heddle roller.
You need 4 pieces for one 2-harnesses-loom.