Accessories for Piccolo40 Loom

Optional Accessories for SAORI piccolo40 Loom


Extra Reeds

Extra Reeds

3, 4, 5, 7 dents/cm
7, 10, 12, 17 dents/inch



SAORI Piccolo40 harnesses

Extra Harnesses

includes 100 wire heddles with round wooden side bars






Piccolo Harness Upgrade Kit


Includes round wooden bars for the sides of the harness

One piccolo harness upgrade kit comes with 4 wooden rods and 8 cap nuts, which means one kit is for two harnesses.




Tying rod

Tying Rod

You tie the end of the warp threads  on to the rod.






Clipping Tie Rod

Extra Clipping Tying Rod

The new type of rod invented by Kenzo Jo.  It clips the end of the warp threads, and you do not have to tie them.  This rod enables you to make an easy and speedy set-up of the warps.

One Clipping Tying Rod  comes with a Piccolo Loom.






Paper Pipe

Paper Pipe

If you tie the warps onto the tying rod attached to a paper pipe, and set the paper pipe onto the warp roller of the loom, you can remove your work from the loom easily while still in progress.






Piccolo Bobbin Winder


Piccolo Bobbin winder attached to table

Built-in Bobbin Winder for Piccolo

The Piccolo Bobbin Winder can be attached onto the loom and also to a desk.







Clamp for Piccolo40

Clamp for Piccolo

The Clamp can keep a Piccolo loom folded without tying the loom with a rope.