Made in Japan = Highest Quality


Assembling looms at the factory at SAORI no Mori

The very first SAORI loom was built by Kenzo Jo in 1969, for his mother, Misao Jo.  She had just founded and started to teach Saori Weaving, a contemporary hand weaving program in which everyone can freely enjoy weaving as an art form regardless of age, gender, intellectual or physical aptitude.  Since then, Kenzo has made improvements in his design, and invented various accessories to meet different needs of weavers.  The unique philosophy of Saori Weaving and Kenzo’s high-quality looms have been well received in Japan and overseas for last 40 years.  There are more than 40,000 weavers in Japan alone, and nearly 1,000 institutions are practicing Saori Weaving programs across Japan and other countries in Asia, Middle East, North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Australia and Africa.

Kenzo’s Design Concepts

Simple & Friendly to Everyone

  • Very simple and carefully-designed so that everyone including children, older people, and people with disabilities, can enjoy weaving merely by following easy instructions.

    Weaving for everyone

  • Ready-made warps let weavers skip the warping process entirely.  This helps them to enjoy weaving fully with less effort.

Stylish and Compact

  • Very stylish and compact design that matches any room interior.
  • Made of high-quality birch wood, so that the longer you use the loom, the deeper and lovelier its colour becomes.
  • You can fold and open a WX60, SX60 loom and Piccolo loom easily, leaving the harnesses and warp set up on the loom.

Wide Variety of Accessories to Meet Different Needs

  • An optional 4-harness attachment meets the needs of advanced weavers, who would like to try techniques that are only possible on a 4-harness loom.
  • Attachments such as the  “Hand Switcher” and “Shuttle Shelf” customize the loom for weavers with disabilities.

Adaptable for all needs and abilities