• Kenzo’s New Warping Method

    Kenzo Warping Method = Revolutionary way of warping

    The Kenzo Warping Method is a revolutionary way of warping. It cuts the time required for warping in half compared to the conventional way. Kenzo overcame various difficulties of traditional warping with his experience and study in developing looms for 47 years to complete this new method. It is excellent for its simplicity and potential.

    Since you can use challenging yarn for warps such as mohair, slub, fluffy, single, over twisted, and so on, you will have new experiences in weaving.

    Kenzo’s Dividing Bar was invented by Kenzo Jo to accomplish the revolutionary warping method he came up with: the Kenzo Warping Method. This new tool and method first released in Japan 2015 will make the whole warping and threading process much easier and faster.

    Dividing Bar Set

    The Tabletop Beaming and Threading Holder is a tool for threading a ready-made warp or winding and threading your own warp at a table. It is much gentler on your back and shoulders than winding and warping on the loom. This tool can also be used with Piccolo harnesses and reeds by adding optional attachments. Use this tool with Kenzo’s Dividing Bar Set for beaming your own warp.

    Beaming a warp Warping Station

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